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KTeller Complete Exhaust Systems

Brand: KTeller | Category: Exhaust Systems

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Product Description

KTeller Complete Exhaust Systems

Our exhaust systems all 100% mandrel bent for smooth airflow. Each exhaust system is made to ensure top quality with our engineering department taking their time with each kit. We design these perform, last and sale with an affordable price.

This 3” fully mandrel bent exhaust systems are with 14g Aluminized mild steel and 16g Stainless steel piping when constructing the system.

Kteller 3” Exhaust on Turbo B16 @ Idle

Product Reviews

Car: 00' EM1 Engine: B16A2 (turbo), Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Exhaust fits a hella lot better then my Greddy did. (I had short shifter issues) now even with the larger 3” pipes I dont have any fitment issues. Exhaust has clean sweeping bends adn the fully Stainless pipes will last the life of the car if not longer, and looks pimp. Muffler is also polished to a mirror finish. I Noticed a jump in power, the turbo spools much faster, and pulls even harder in VTEC then before. Great exhaust for Turbo cars, highly recommend it.