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KTeller Exhaust Piping Kits

Brand: KTeller | Category: Exhaust Systems

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Product Description

This “kit” is just the tubing portion of the catback exhaust system. The kit will allow you to use any muffler you choose and design your own custom exhaust system. This kit is designed for high exhaust flow and easy installation. The exhaust flow has few obstacles because the kit is made with only smooth mandrel bends. The kit follows the OEM path and is routed like the OEM system.

NOTE: All hardware, such as: hangers, flanges and clamps are included with this kit, however; the hangers do not come pre-welded and must be spot welded at the time of install. Due to the difference in many customers cars and setups, some fabrication (modifications) might be needed. Hangers can easily be welded while the muffler is being installed. Hardware is not stainless steel, if you need stainless hanger or flanges, please look for them in the Vibrant Performance section of our website.

ETA: Kits are bent in batches, 3” at one time, then tooling is changed to 2.5”, then 2.25”, and back and forth. Please allow 2-3 business days for bending and then a day for cutting, boxing and having the item ready for shipping pick up. Some orders may ship faster if we happen to have the item left over from a prior batch but please order knowing the rough time frame is always 2-3 business days.

Material Differences: This Exhaust systems are offered in stainless steel and aluminized steel. Stainless steel is said to last “forever” and should never rust, while aluminized kits should usually last 3-5 years before rust and wear start.

Product Reviews

Kteller weld up kit., Sunday, March 6, 2011

I bought a 3in Weld up kitt with a magnaflow muffler. It fit awesome and was easy to weld up and install with my down pipe will recomend to any one with a car looking for an exhaust to Hit up kteller call email facebook what ever they will take care of you and hook you up!!!!! Thanks again guys!!!

My Exhaust!!, Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I can tell you this much from listening to it briefly, it sounds beastly. The car is a 1994 Honda Accord LX coupe, the motor setup is a JDM H22 motor, Kidd Racing H2b tri-y header, attached to the KTeller 3 inch piping with a Vibrant Racing 12 inch resonator along the cat back all the way back to a Vibrant Racing 3inch inlet dual 3inch outlet. It was deep and sounded really raspy. It helps my motor is running higher compression, but wow. As soon as I get the car back this week I’ll email you with an attachment to a sound clip/video.